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Featured top inspirational movies


Click (2006)

Top Inspirational Movies

I really thought I posted about this movie a while back. Turns out I didn't. This is more of a Hollywood type inspirational movie, but it's a great one.Check out Click on IMDBIt's a movie that you can watch again and again. It contains humor and also a very important life lesson: Don't fast forward your life!It seems that in today's world everyone is just desperately waiting for something for them to truly start living their life. Either waiting for the weekend to come so that they can relax a little bit, or for the next vacation, the next promotion, the next... something!People are constantly putting their life on hold... or.. trying to fast-forward through most of it to get to the 'good part'... Why not create a life in which you can have the 'good part' all the time? Why not enjoy everything in your life to the fullest ......

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Motivational Movies

I've started looking in some older inspirational movies. This black & white movie really is a gem. You should check it out. An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.Here is the trailer:You could find it to rent it if you search for it, but I have also found it posted on YouTube. Check it out (the full movie):...

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior

Top Inspirational Movies

Peaceful Warrior is one of the top inspirational movies that I've seen in my life.This is actually based on the novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, which he claims to be is a part-fictional, part-autobiographical book based upon his early life.The book, originally launched in 1980 has been a bestseller in many countries since its first publication.For those who don't have the time to read a book, then this inspirational movie is the next best thing.Watch the trailer and convince yourself: Read More ...

Watch this inspirational movie every morning

Inspirational Videos

Here is a great inspirational video that you can watch every morning to get you started for your day and keep you motivated throughout. I love this one. Check it out! "Rise and shine. For you, the laws of physics are merely a suggestion... It is all up to you now. So rise and shine!"...

Inspirational Sports Movies Can Help You Succeed Everywhere

There are some great inspirational sports movies out there. Movies like Rocky.

But even more than that there are great inspirational sports movies on YouTube. Like this speech done to a team. Take a look:

Great movie, huh?

Even though these are inspirational sports movies, they can be looked at in different ways. They can be applied for different things even if you aren’t into sports that much.

Just think of them as metaphors for your life and a whole new world opens up.

This kinda reminds me of this next video:

This isn’t really an inspirational sports movie but, just like the sports movies it can be taken as a metaphor for other things in your life. Just change the context.

Actually it’s very interesting. In this second video notice the difference between the characters. The attitude of the “big man” who is focused on “what is important” in that situation… and the mentality of the other guys who’re basically just complaining about this and that “the rich get richer”, “the leads are weak”.

Kinda hardcore talk, I agree. But sometimes that’s what it takes to wake up.

The attitude on inspirational sports movies is “I will do it no matter what“. And I believe that, in life, more than in sports, that’s the attitude you should have if you want to achieve your dreams.

Because quite frankly, what else would you do?

It doesn’t matter how many failures you had. Just like Edison had thousands of failures before he invented the light bulb.

If you have a dream, keep going and forget the rest.

But anyway, let’s get back to our inspirational sports movies. Because not all inspirational sports movies need to be about football or team effort. Take the Karate Kid for example. Just one man (kid :P) challenges his fears and takes control of his life through the help of his found mentor.

Mentors are important. Mentors help you see your problems from a different perspective, in a way that all problems look small compared to your grand dream.

But you don’t really need mentors one-on-one. You can still be mentored by reading a book, watching videos, or going to seminars.

The thing is, if you have a challenge, you need to get help from someone more experienced than you and you need to change your perspective.

Mentors could be even younger than you. Hey, just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. Doesn’t mean you have “life experience” if all your life you just wasted in front of the TV. Sorry!

But anyway, I’m going off target here. Back to inspirational sports movies. 🙂

In short… they’re great! And you don’t really need to be a football player to get something out of them.

So go ahead check out some of the inspirational sports movies I’ve posted here on this site and let me know if you know some good ones that I don’t know about by leaving a comment. I wanna see more too :>

And hey, leave me a comment down below even if you just wanna say something! Anything! 😀

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